Room Parent Resources

Room Parents support teachers and families alike, and help link the entire Hastings community.

We are looking for Room Parents for this year! Find out more.

Room parents are still needed for the following classrooms/teachers:

Bonnie Quinn (Room 7), Jennifer Sheerin (Room 3), Kirsten Sweet (Room 25), Maureen McKenna (Room 42), Deborah Pelkey (Room 43), Julie Scafidi (Room 12), Lisa Contre (Room 17),
Jennifer Agne (Room 15), Dana Steiner (Room 19)

 Here are some helpful resources for Room Parents:

If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions, please contact the PTA Room Parent Chair, Nagaraj Holalkere (Raj) and Bindu Setty.

Program Timeframe: Year-round
Committee Chair: Nagaraj (Raj) Holalkere and Bindu Setty