Welcome to Hastings!

The new school year is about to begin. If you’re new to Hastings, with either an entering kindergarten student or a transferring student from another school, we want to welcome you and your family. Hastings is a fantastic school with a great community! Listed below are some events and information that will help get you connected. If you have a returning student, welcome back!

Ways to plug into the Hastings Community

Join the PTA: find out who is in your child’s class with access to the online directory, get a printed directory, and support the many activities we run.

Hastings Families google group: Information about town activities, Hastings activities, school building projects, and a general message board.

Upcoming Events for New and Returning Families

Sunday, August 21, 10:00 am: Kindergarten get-together: A playdate at Hastings to meet incoming kindergarteners and their families. Contact the Lexfun Kindergarten Connection representative for more information.

Sunday, August 28. 3-5 pm: New family Meet and Greet: Meet current and new families on the Hastings playground. Any and all Hastings families, new and old, are encouraged to drop in and say hello. Contact the welcome committee for more information.

Tuesday, August 30, 8:30-9:30 am: Welcome coffee: See old friends and meet new while learning more about the PTA, our activities, and volunteer opportunities – first day of school after dropping off your student

Monday, September 12, 4:30-6:30 pm: Back to School Picnic: Join us at the school playground area to see old friends and meet new. There will be a DJ and games for the kids, and the fifth grade class will be selling ice cream treats.

What does the Hastings PTA do for your children, you and the community?

The Hastings PTA is a group of parents, teachers, and staff who join together to enrich our children’s learning experience and build a supportive community for education. Some things we raise money and work together to do include:

Enhance Our Children’s Learning Experience:

Support Our Teachers:

  • Provide teachers with materials, books, equipment, and other necessary resources
  • Run a Book Fair that funds half of the School Library’s annual book budget
  • Purchase equipment for the Art, Music, and Physical Education specialists
  • Run Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch

Bring Our Community Together:

  • Welcome new families and returning families through the Welcome Back Coffee and Fall Picnic
  • Host the Harvest Run that promotes running and exercise while raising PTA operating funds
  • Publish a Weekly Bulletin to keep parents informed about school and community events
  • Participate in the ever-popular bi-annual Adult Social/Fundraiser through the courtesy of your time, talent and treasure
  • Organize Multi-cultural Potluck and Year-End BBQ where both children, teachers and parents enjoy each other’s company and wonderful food
  • Hold PTA meetings to involve the community on topics relevant to parents and children
  • Advocate on behalf of the school when Town planning impacts Hastings, such as building a new Hastings
  • Create and distribute a printed and online directory including a class list and contact information for all Hastings PTA members who choose to be included, which is invaluable for planning playdates/birthday parties, and staying connected to others

How do I join the PTA?

NEW Hastings families can join online.

Existing Hastings PTA members were sent an email from directory@hastingspta.org on Wednesday August 10. The email contained a personal, direct link to the Hastings PTA renewal process

The more money we can raise upfront, the more we can focus on organizing activities and the less energy our PTA volunteers will need to spend on fundraising.

Here are levels of PTA Membership with their benefits:

  • $25 = Supporter – access to online directory AND 1 printed directory
  • $50 = Sponsor – access to online directory, 1 printed directory, AND credit towards 1 book ($5 or less) at the Book Fair in the spring
  • $100 = Benefactor – access to online directory, 1 printed directory, AND credit towards 1 Spirit Wear T-shirt (<$15)
  • $200 = HASTINGS HERO! – access to online directory, 1 printed directory, credit towards 1 book ($5 or less) at the Book Fair in the spring, AND credit towards 1 Spirit Wear T-shirt (<$15)
    Questions? email membership@hastingspta.org